Last night I bought my first pair of trail running shoes. My brother recommended the Brooks Cascadia brand for my feet and running style (I have absolutely no arch in my feet, it’s quite sad.) I was at City Sports in Harvard Square, and the salesperson, who was very, very helpful and patient by the way (which has always been my experience there) even apologized for the color of this year’s model. He laughed, and said, if you think that’s bad, this was last year’s! (Think bright, bright, bright red/orange crayola crayons, and you get the picture.) So, now I am the proud owner of these beauties: Brooks Cascadia - my new shoes! (Please see if you want to get yourself a pair online – this lovely image is from them. However I paid less for mine at CitySports – awesome store by the way!)

I am really excited to try them out tomorrow night on the trails! Can’t wait! Bill said, well, at least we can never lose you with those things on your feet. My salesperson dubbed them, “the best running shoes of all time!” and my little brother was equally enthuisiastic. My other road Brooks shoes have done well by me, so I’m looking forward to putting a lot of miles on these, to say the least.