If you read a little further through this post, it’ll make sense why I’ve included this video of KT Tunstall, “The Other Side of the World”, here.

So today I have finally realized I might be a little on the insane side, for a few reasons.  First, I didn’t have to leave for the airport until around 11 (and even that was a little bit on the early side for a 1 p.m. flight.)  But ok, I like to get to the airport early because I like to watch the planes land and take off. I know, I’m like a kid in that regard.

So, ok besides that, I also set my alarm for 6:30. Why?  Because I wanted to get up and run this morning. Yes, that’s me, run. In the morning.  Those of you who know me know what I am like in the morning.  To put it nicely, as my sister-in-law Sue says, “um, Terri growled at me when she saw me on vacation and she hadn’t had her coffee yet.”  This is pretty accurate to describe me in the morning.  Bill calls my coffee my “nice juice.”  Some mornings if I get up and haven’t slept well, or not for long enough, and he can tell I’m in a crabby mood  just by the comments I make back to the news headlines,he’ll say “now, drink your nice juice” and then run as far away and as fast as he can.  So, you get the picture.

So this morning I got up, went to the place right next to the hotel and had pancakes and as you can imagine, COFFEEEEEEEE, which was really needed and then came back to my room so I could pack and drink lots of my water with Propel Mixture that I love so much (even though it makes you pee like crazy from all the B vitamins) and then took off on a run before 8:30 a.m. 

The good thing about running this morning was that I could run in a tshirt and shorts (yay!!) when will this actually happen next at home with me running outside – since spring has not truly come to the Northeast yet?  And guess what – I ran all the way down to the WWII memorial again and all the way back.  I didn’t stop and didn’t need my inhaler as I thought I would. (I generally carry it with me with the adage in mind that if I don’t have it, I’ll need it, so better to carry like the extra one ounce of weight, it won’t kill me.  I didn’t stop to take any pictures because you’ve already seen most of them that I took on that route the other day.

So the thing that kept me in the comfort zone (although I was getting worried by seeing so much sun, and you all already know how I don’t like running in the sun) was that there was some shade along the way, along the Mall, and that it was in that 10-degree place that Bill calls “my comfort zone.”  That’s right – that nice range of 55-65 degree weather that’s so awesome and the Boston area generally sees for oh, about a week, once per year. That’s it. No more.  I’m finding that area just likes to jump right from winter into summer, lately.

So I was happy. I was running around my 10-minute mile pace, which is generally where I am when I run over 3 miles (sometimes I even speed it up – look quick – you might miss me otherwise, to a rockin’ 9:49 minute mile for longer runs.).  I was also thinking about something someone suggested to me. Maybe I could try and run the Boston Half-Marathon although I fear that it being run by the BAA, they will strictly enforce the no-headphone rule that they are known for, and which scares the bejesus out of me!  I did 5.2 miles in 52:52.  I want to get faster but first things first. Need to build the endurance.

This morning as I was running near the Lincoln Memorial, I heard a sound that scared me. It was the sound of my breathing. Yeah, that’s not a good thing, so I jacked up the volume on my iPod and it really kept me going! Thank you, KT Tunstall, whose “Other Side of the World” came on just then! I love that song!  So you can imagine my fear at hearing that sound for over 2 hours because let’s be honest, I am not a speed demon. I think that if I had to do it today, I couldn’t do the half marathon in under 2 hours.

Oh, and thanks to all of those who are buried in Arlington who spurred me on to finish even though I desperately wanted to walk at that point in my run (like the 4.7 mile point, so you get the picture).

So what do you think, my one or two readers?  Do you think I should try for it?  I’m almost up to my mileage that I had when I ran the Tufts 10K last fall. I still have several months, but that would mean training in the summertime (read: HOT WEATHER WITH LOTS OF SUN) and training to run WITHOUT headphones.

So, I’ll think about it.I’ve got time on the plane later on today, and I’ll have to check out the BAA Half Marathon site and see if they do enforce that rule or not.

I guess the one good thing if I DID do it, without headphones, is that I could hear the crowd cheering us all on. That’s one thing I know I’d need, crowd support.

So because I ran this morning early on, does this mean I might actually be turning into an insane runner, albeit a real one?