So, I am beginning to think that when I return home I might try my hand at running trails. The problem is that  I only know of the trails in the Fells. If there is anyone out there that might know of any other good trails to run in the Greater Boston area, give me a shout!

Oh, and if anyone knows of where I should go to get a new pair of (hopefully, cute!) trail shoes, let me know that too. I’d like to get a pair but I also don’t want to go broke at the same time, especially since I think I need a new pair of regular running shoes. The ones  I’m wearing right now are the Brooks, Dyad 4:” Brooks Dyad 4 and also the Brooks Dyad 3 (Jamie said I should have two pairs and alternate back and forth between them):

Dyad 3

They’re both really comfy, but I think they might be getting to that “shot” point because they hurt my feet and arches after about 4 miles.  As you can see, they both look kind of “heavy” too.

If anyone out there has any suggestions, or knows of a way to save on them, let me know (I know you can get them on eBay but they don’t always have your size and then you don’t have someone watching you walk to check your gait and make sure you really need all that stability, that these have to offer.)