Just wanted to say I was very happy to be able to run this route this evening: from my hotel to the Iwo Jima Memorial, past the Arlington National Cemetery, over the Memorial Bridge, near the Lincoln Memorial, and then down to the World War II Memorial.  I didn’t see any  WWII veterans around (you’re supposed to keep an eye out, as pretty soon there won’t be any left) but then again, I only stopped to take a picture with my cell phone camera and then took off again.  I’ll post them tomorrow night for everyone!  By the way, the route was just over 5 miles – woohoo!! (Admittedly, I walked once for about 50 or so feet, but that’s alright, this was the first time I’d hit that distance in several months.)

By the way, I have received a lot of comments and emails about my blog since I started it and many people have told me that they find it inspiring.  I am SO GLAD to hear you all say that. At first, this started out as a way for me to motivate myself to keep running and keep on trying.  I don’t have a running partner (afraid I’d slow someone else down) so  I thought that my readers (thank you thank you whoever you are that have been giving me lots of hits) would be like my virtual partner and make me feel/be accountable.  Now I’m finding I like this blogging thing! I just hope I won’t bore you all to death! 🙂