I am not sure if you’re all aware of this but those of us who live in  Boston are in for a real treat the day before the Boston Marathon.  The Women’s Olympic Trials will be run on April 20th.  You may all remember the name of Joan Benoit Samuelson, who won the Gold Medal in the Marathon.  (By the way, she has been inducted into the Distance Running Hall of Fame, which, here’s the cool part, is in my hometown of Utica, NY.)  I believe her goal is to run it in 2:50.  How amazing is that for a 50 year old? This is the same woman who paced Lance Armstrong in the NY Marathon a few years ago!

Personally, I find it really motivating to think about the women who are going to be running the trials.  If you look at their qualifying times, it seems that Deena Kastor (who my brother Jamie says, jokingly, “will be found to be the real Bionic Woman upon her death if they perform an autopsy – we mean the Old-School version by the way) would be the odds-on favorite to win. But just look at the rest of their times – how insane is all of that?!

By the way, does it make you feel ill to know that Deena’s time would also have qualified her for the Men’s Olympic Trials? That’s how  fast she really is. They all needed 2:20 to qualify, and remember that they only had something like 55 guys start the race last November.  You can read about that field through this article at Cool Running.

All I know is, in just 11 days, I plan on standing on the course yelling my heart out whenever I see the runners. From everything I have read about all of them through my Runner’s World and Running Times subscriptions, I think Elva Dryer may be my favorite, but in my book, they’re all awesome, dedicated, strong runners.