I wanted to write a follow-up to my post about Abi Simpson and Corey Canada.

I wanted to correct what I said about that little girl, Abi Simpson, who my friend Corey is running in honor of on Monday, April 21st at the Boston Marathon.  I was wrong to say she has leukemia because actually she has a very rare condition, I’m told it’s so rare that it doesn’t have an official name, but that it’s referred to as chromosome 2q deletion.  What this means her chromosome 2 on the lower part of the arm is partially deleted.  This affects her globally.  She’s medically complex with a lot of different problems.   Some of these include a seizure disorder, and she’s legally blind, hard of hearing, not mobile, not verbal, and she’s developmentally delayed.   She has some issues with scoliosis, and has Gerd, which Corey tells me is major reflux.  He says that she gets very sick even if all she has is a cold.

Ok, so those are all of the negatives, but in the spirit of staying upbeat, here’s what I think is just AWESOME news.  When Corey gets to the last 385 yards of the race, he gets to PUSH ABI ACROSS THE FINISH LINE! So now you know what Corey and Abi look like, please, please please do keep an eye out for them if you are at the Marathon, and please cheer as loudly for him and for the two of them as you can.  If I see this happen, I can tell you already I won’t be able to not cry.   Ok, now Corey, you are really making me think of doing something like this (albeit on a less-than-marathon-length scale!)  I was thinking about you both tonight as I ran over the Memorial Bridge.