Last night when I was running around D.C. (by the way my entire route was 4.63 miles according to my trusty GPS watch), I was so inspired, I was thinking, you know, around here, I think I could even do a half-marathon.  (Are you reading this, Jamie? Yes, I might just do it!)  Now, I’d just have to find the time to train, and to find one that’s somewhat close to home because I’m not at that point yet where I can rationalize to Bill why we should spend a whole lot of money to travel to a race where I can then gasp for breath for miles and miles and miles. 😉

Tomorrow evening, I want to try to get back to the hotel faster, and then run even further, possibly up to the Washington Monument if the light holds out.

So, here’s some more pictures for you, so you can see why I love running down here:

45 p.m.

The above picture was taken with my cell phone, and the one below I just took this morning with my real camera.

Iwo Jima, in the early morning around 9

Iwo Jima in the a.m.

Oh, and here’s a view of the Lincoln Memorial as I ran across the Memorial Bridge (sorry, this was with my cell, and I was literally running at the time I took it.)

Running across the Memorial Bridge