I ran from my hotel tonight all the way into the Mall. Took tons of pictures – I’m putting some up here today and will put more up tomorrow (need to get some decent sleep tonight!) I may have run slower than usual (or at least my total time looks as if I did, but honestly, I stopped often to take pics with my cell.  I actually think some of these came out pretty well considering that they were taken with my cell phone, not a real digital camera. Will try to take some more with the real camera.

You should have seen one of the looks I got from another runner when I was running across the bridge toward the Lincoln Memorial and jumped up on a bench to take a pic of the Washington Monument!

Vietnam Memorial - one of my favorites

This is one of my favorites – these soldiers are looking toward the Vietnam Wall Memorial.


Sculptures - Korean War Memorial

Last time I saw this Korean War Memorial, it was also around dusk – I thought it was eerie then too.


Lincoln Memorial at dusk

Lincoln Memorial at dusk. Yes, I even ran up all the stairs without breaking stride!

zoomed in vision of the Washington Monument

Washington Monument, taken from the Lincoln Memorial


vietnam wall memorial

Vietnam War Memorial – the  Wall – easily my favorite memorial of them all. The one I find to be the most moving.

I also ran by Iwo Jima and Arlington National Cemetery. I’ll put those pics up tomorrow if I can.  This may sound weird, but running on the outskirts of the cemetery, it inspired me to keep going. They don’t allow jogging through any of the cemetery, or the monuments, but I think that’s a good thing. Respect must be paid. It is simply overwhelming to see how many graves there are there, and to think that each one is a person.  Any of you who have been there, you know what I am talking about.

More tomorrow…hope you all like the pictures.  This was, quite simply, the best run I’ve ever taken.