I just needed to share the good news that my niece, Katie, who’s featured here (of course with her face away from the camera because she was busy concentrating on crawling to her mom, my sister, Annie.) She is not quite ten months old, yet she wanted to be in Mommy’s lap so badly she crawled a few inches toward her this past weeked in N.C.  Yay Katie! While you can’t see her face, take it from the words of her mom, she is a “cutie-patootie!”

Katie crawling to Mommy - yay!

Will she become a marathoner like her dad, or Uncle Jamie?  Will she be a middle-of-the-packer like me? Only time will tell.

See, you really can relate everything to running if you try hard enough.   🙂

I’m off to get some much needed coffee and to see the Marines Memorial before I head to the conference this morning…