Jump Off  Rock vista #2

Got into the hotel tonight – they put me in a smoking room (ugh) but they have promised to rectify that tomorrow and put me in a non-smoking one, but since I’m still wired from my flights, I thought I’d take a minute to put some pictures up for everyone to see.

Here are some pictures from “Jump Off Rock” – supposedly on a clear day, you can see Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, and I think one other state (I forget which one right now) – I don’t think that today was that clear that you could see that many, but I think you’ll agree, the Blue Ridge Mountains are really beautiful.

View to the West? of Jump Off Rock, outside of Hendersonville, NC



Jump Off Rock vista view #1

All of these above pictures are from Jump Off Rock.  What you don’t see in these is the lack of a lot of guardrails. Needless to say, it made my sister a bit nervous to have my little 4 and almost-7 year old nephews runing up to the rock at the end, but their dad was very close by, so she never had anything to worry about. (But I think we can all sympathize with her.)

Did I forget to mention that my sister and I are deathly afraid of heights?!

As we were driving up to this vista, on a VERY narrow, VERY curvy mountain road, as my brother in law Steve (I’m allowed to mention his first name after all) said, aren’t you glad we’re not running up this thing?!

On our way back down, we saw just that – some guy running UP the mountain, and with his dog!! I admit, I like running, but not that much…