My husband and I have a friend who is training for his first marathon, and it’s a big one, the Boston Marathon. He works for a company that is partnered with Children’s Hospital in Boston.  He’s part of their Miles for Miracles team.  They’ve paired him with a very cute 6-year old girl named Abi, who seems pretty cute.

He had a fundraiser about a month ago, and he and his friends who have been training with him expected about 40-50 people to show up. Imagine their surprise when about 200 people showed up and they raised more money than they could have hoped for.  Abi’s parents were there, and in Corey’s words, he’s “fallen in love with this process.” He told my husband and I he’s never heard his mom and sister tell him so often how proud of him they are.  We are too. He’s been so dedicated to training for this race – he’s even run 16 miles indoors on a treadmill, without a TV and without a radio – it was to be his long run day and we got about 6 inches of snow that day, so that’s what he did to get that long run in.

Corey, we are so proud of you and all you are doing.  If you’re reading this, give me a shout and send me some pictures, if you can, or have permission to do so, of  you and/or Abi, so I can post them on here. You’re both awesome!

To everyone else, if you want to donate money, please go to the Miles for Miracles page and follow the instructions on there. If I get detailed instructions from Corey on how to do it, I’ll also put them on the blog as well.

Just two more weeks and two days until the big day!!! 🙂