Those who know me know that my brother-in-law (he doesn’t like his name mentioned on the internet, so I’ll just refer to him in posts as B.I.L. (not to be confused with my husband, whose actual name is Bill), is also a runner. He has run many marathons in the last few years, but like me he is normally within the middle of the pack.  His two sons, who I’ll refer to as S. and J. have also decided they like running, but in their case, they don’t run nearly as far considering they are under the age of 7. Last summer, when I visited them for a few days out in the midwest, they had this new obsession of going to the playground, but then running AROUND the playground, MANY times, rather than on it.  I said to my sister, “um, why are they running around and around?” and she just said, “I know it’s a little strange, but they’re getting their exercise and they are having fun, so I let them.” And really, they were just too cute. After they would run several laps, they’d drink a lot of water, and feel each other’s foreheads. The goal was to have as sweaty as a forehead as their daddy after he goes out on his runs.  🙂 Cute, very cute.

It’s been pretty crappy out here in western North Carolina since we arrived, and it has pretty much rained all day. So I don’t have a picture yet of the big hill I ran earlier today and the hills I want to run tomorrow, but I do have pictures of the puzzles they just put together for the first time today, so here they are:

Care Bears Puzzle, prepared by Nephew J.

The Care Bears puzzle above was done by my nephew J.  Not bad for  a little guy who’s not quite 4 yet! He did most of it by himself too.

Deer with Flowers Puzzle

This one of the deer with flowers in a field was done by my older nephew S. It’s 100 pieces (enough that I’d probably throw my hands up in disgust after the first 10 or so pieces) but he did most of it by himself. Just a little bit of help from his dad, my B.I.L.  Pretty awesome, if you ask me.

So, as you can imagine by now, I can relate everything to running if you just give me a little bit of time… and that’s not a bad thing.