So if there is one thing my husband loves to tease me about, it’s my famous “comfort zone.” It doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for error. He calls me the “heat wuss” and the “cold wuss.”  Basically with my asthma, I don’t like to run in humid weather, in too much sun, or when it’s too cold outside. He laughs and says that I only have about one week I can run outside in during the year, seeing as we live in New England.   He was laughing at me this morning when I couldn’t decide whether to wear a jacket to run or not and was stressing out whether it was going to pour rain on me or not! (Of course, I wore the long sleeve jacket with hood, and then about halfway was “dying” so I took it off and wrapped it around my waist.)

I ran this morning for the first time in a  few days since I’m down near Asheville, NC, visiting my dad for a few days and spent most of yesterday traveling.  There are lots of hills around here,which admittedly used to scare me, but you should see the hills I ran up today! I’m planning on posting pictures of them later on today – as I was running them, I thought, “ok, it doesn’t matter how slowly I get up them, just make it to the top before you stop!”  Oh, and did I forget to mention how much I hate humid weather to run in? Well it’s pretty much near 100% humidity here today – it was trying to drizzle on me the entire way this morning. I ran about 3.77 miles, in just over 40 minutes, a little slower than normal,I know but the way I look at it, I don’t get a lot of hills to practice on at home, so I want to take as much advantage of it as possible.  My little brother Jamie would be proud!

My sister and her family are also traveling down to NC today to see us and my dad, I can’t wait to see her and the little nephews and niece! More later…