Last year, I ran the Tufts 10K for Women the first time.  I can honestly say that was the most awesome feeling and that is definitely one I want to plan on running every year from now on.   It was so cool to be running up Memorial Drive, crossing under a bridge, and see Deena Kastor and the rest of the elites running in the opposite direction, already about 2-3 miles ahead of us! 🙂 Every time we’d run under a bridge, people would yell. ( I didn’t, as it was my first time, I just wanted to get through the entire race without stopping!) What other race does that happen in?

I also ran Paddy’s Road Race last year, for the second time.  I gotta admit, the first year, I found that race and signed up because as soon as I saw the words “fast and flat” I was like, I’m there! Last spring, I ran the Burlington Education Foundation’s Run for Education 5K. While it was a smaller race than some of the others I’ve done, it kicked my butt! You end that course after running up a hill! (You can imagine the expletives running through my mind when I saw that at the end, after several hills throughout the course.)

And last but not least, last Thanksgiving, I ran the Feaster Five.  It’s run by one of my colleague’s running clubs, the Merrimack Valley Striders.  They all seem very nice, but they all seem MUCH faster than me, so I’ve been reluctant  to join for that reason. That, and also because if I run with people, I’ll look quite rude not being able to carry a conversation because my iPod is turned up so loud so that I cannot hear myself breathe!  My colleague neglected to tell me that the first mile (at least it felt like the entire first mile was UP A HILL.)

But all in all, it was a pretty cool day, the Feaster Five. It was just four days after my little bro ran the Philly Marathon so he was taking it easy, and we ran it together.  My husband had dared him to run the entire 3.1 miles either to win it or to taunt me the entire way.  He chose taunting, which I put an end to very soon!  He started skipping next to me up the hill, and I was like “enough of that!” but it was all in good fun.  He said he originally had the plan of running circles around me up the entire hill, but I said to him later on, us “back of the packers, to middle of the packers” would have kicked your butt if you did something like that – we band together!!

To my brother’s credit, he ran the entire way with me, and even let me outsprint him at the end as we ran it in something like 29:26.  He said we started a new Thanksgiving tradition, and I’m looking forward to running another one with him again, whether it be the Feaster Five, or some other less hilly course.  I just hope I don’t come down with the same virus afterward as I did last year….

Now I just need to figure out what races I want to run this year.  Should I try to do a 15K? or even, shudder the thought, a half-marathon!?